Dear Family and Friends,

Each morning, a new sky is unique
and spectacularly subtle in its unfolding beauty.
Often I sit and watch as the un-scripted scene plays out for all to see.
Moment by moment the drama rolls on,
illuminated and shaded,
twisting, turning,
rising, falling,
bright and dark.
This morning was muted... yet gorgeous.
Small first light.
Still dark, with hints of orange, way up at the tops.
Then brighter, not brilliant... just magnificent.
But as the big clouds, from the southwest, move toward us,
glowing brighter and brighter
The wall of water begins to form.
All goes grey as visibility is obscured.
A hint of a rainbow forms out of the mist.
Then heavy showers... but only for a couple of minutes.
The skies clear rapidly and they are deep blue.
With bright white clouds.
It all only takes about 45 minutes.
But right there you have,
a million moments,
Of which I captured a few,
and send you now...
Five in the Morning,
On a Sunday in August.