After a half dozen days of glorious weather...
Brilliant blue skies, crisp air,
Temperatures into the 70's ...
It has changed.
The day began, shrouded in fog.
Sounds muffled ... air heavy.
Skies darkening ... ominous.
Wind kicks up ... pushes the fog.
Relentless roar as the tree tops sway.
Tide is in ... the Lagoon is churning.
Waves crash against the seawall.
Weather bulletins all afternoon.
"Tornado watch until nightfall".

The bright green finger of shallow water
Extending out from Trout Point,
Is dark and sinking into the rollicking deep.
An Osprey appears silently out of nowhere.
Picks a spot over the shore line,
Becomes motionless.
Gliding into the wind.
Yet, stationary over the ground.
Flaps a few times, climbing higher.
Then still like a kite.
Tucks his wings ... dives for a second.
Then back to free form stillness.
Banks left to right.
Right to left.
Going nowhere.
A creature of the moment.
Living every morsel of the experience.
Free, powerful, engaged.
A leader, an example, a mentor.
Comfortable in his own skin (and feathers).
Living life.
Showing the way.

March 1, 2007