Night Skies

It's 3 AM
I step out onto the balcony.
Feel the cool coastal air swirl over me.
The sky is deep, clear and black.
Stars so bright as to sparkle and twinkle.
I recognize Sirius, one of the brightest, just above the horizon.
I know that as I move further out I will see Orion just above.
There he is!
The great hunter is back in the eastern sky.
Signaling the end of summer and onset of colder clearer night skies.
His distinctive three star belt, prominent and familiar.
Betelgeuse at his head and Rigel at his feet.
The faint three stars of his sword make him a silent sentinel.
I glance to the left,
And see Castor and Pollux.
The two heads of the Gemini twin's constellation.
I lean out over the railing and look high to the north.
There is Auriga, the ram,
With Capella at his head.
I marvel with a familiarity and depth,
That takes me back through many nights,
Flying night freight, through cold winter darkness.
But even further back.
Bundled up in a blanket in my fathers arms.
Being shown the Big Dipper,
Orion, Leo, Taurus and the Pleiades.
On cold moonless nights.
Knowing the care and awe that is transmitted
In an infinite silence.
Profound with Love.
So infinite, so permanent.
Yet so fleeting.
Savoring the moment.
I give thanks and rejoice.