Dear Family and Friends,

    For the last couple of days I have been using this picture as my desktop background. At first I thought it was rather benign but as I see it more often I find great subtle beauty.

    I took this picture in May, a couple of days before the Mighty "O", the USS Oriskany, was towed out into the Gulf of Mexico and scuttled to her final resting place as a fishing and diving reef.

    I had taken several close up photos then zoomed back to take this wider view. If you look closely you can see the "O" just down and to the right of the sun at about the 4 o'clock position, through the mouth leading to Pensacola Bay, moored at the NAS Pensacola aircraft carrier dock.

    This background photo for my desktop has quietly grown on me and I send along it's subtle beauty, power and immenseness for you to enjoy.