Dear Family and Friends,

        In the picture of the home by the park in Wiesbaden, Germany, the huge tree is a Copper Beech, my favorite tree. It was the most important part of the reason why I took the picture and selected it as the one to send out to others. Copper Beech are fairly common along the east coast of the U.S. from just south of PA to well up into New England. I had planted one in our yard in Landenberg, PA ten years ago and when we left it was still doing quite well, but will not be the magnificent beauty that this one is for generations to come.

        I have always been impressed how my Dad keeps planting trees even into his older years, knowing that the enjoyment of their maturity and magnificence will not be realized until long after he is gone. A wonderful lesson in Hope, Faith and above all Love.

        This was a Frankfurt trip with a Wiesbaden layover. Unfortunately, Peggy was not able to accompany me on this one. I dropped her off in PHL on Monday and headed back to FRA on Tuesday.

        Also, in the other e-mail, the narrow winding street on the side of the hill along Lake Como was the little town of Maltrasio, Italy. Peggy and I had just eaten at a little outdoor, garden Gelateria back to the left. Although we did not get a Gelate at that spot, we did indulge in gelates' on a couple of other occasions. Peggy says she doesn't know how she will ever eat ice cream again.