Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
    FAQ and Answer sheet is directed by FS §718.111(12)(d) to be available for prospective condominium purchasers.    (Also downloadable in .PDF format.)

  • DBPR Condominium Governance Form
    Provided by the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes.

  • Insurance Information on policies and certificates, with background forms/details available to owners.

  • LPCA Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification, (IRS Form W-9).

  • Laguna Pointe siteplan (also in .PDF format)
        and a typical unit floorplan (also in .PDF format).
  • Laguna Pointe Water Line & Irrigation Information. Help control sewer fees: Please use designated faucets to wash cars, boats, and other purposes.
  • Selling?
    Laguna Pointe units, when on the market, can usually be found on-line at http://www.pensacolamls.com.
         (On the opening screen, choose "property" at the top of the left column
          The middle frame will open a "Property Search" window.
          At the bottom of the frame, selcect the "More Search Options" button.
          In the expanded menu, enter "Laguna Pointe" in the SUBDIVISION block, then
          click the "Search Now" button.)

    Please remember that displaying "For Sale/Rent" signs in unit windows and/or on LPCA property is not permitted unless advance written approval is given by the association Board of Directors.

    Other seller responsibilities are in F.S. §718.503(2).
  • Renting?
    It is important that tenants understand the condominium does not have a "resident manager" and that the association does not act as agent for the rental of condominium units. Consequently, questions, problems and/or maintenance requirements for the individual unit should be handled by the owner's property manager/representative.

    An owner is expected to make prospective tenants aware of association rules & regulations and with use restrictions (e.g., pets, vehicle type and parking limitations) in the governing directives. A unit owner is liable for violations by the lessee.

    Of particular importance is that Rules & Regulations of the Association prohibit tenants and/or their guests from having pets on the condominium property.

    Other points to remember: The entire unit must be leased; no individual rooms within a unit may be rented. Leases must be for a minimum of three months and must be in writing. A copy of the lease as well as the name of an owner's representative/property manager should be provided to the Association along with the Tenant Information Sheet found in the Rules & Regulations.
  • The preceding information is not intended to be all-inclusive. Owners should refer to condominium documents for complete information and full details. For information about Laguna Pointe Condominiums not available at this web site, please address inquiries to questions@lagunapointe.org or to the Laguna Pointe Condominium Association, Inc., P. O. Box 4843, Pensacola, FL 32507-0843.